Monday, January 28, 2013

MP 13 Emperor Penguin

At Milepost 13 on the road to Pegasus sits a large Emperor Penguin molting.  He's very entertaining and quite photogenic.  If my passengers are so inclined I stop to allow them to take photos.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Combat Offload

Once in awhile the LC-130 crews will practice combat offloads at Pegasus.  A combat offload is when the plane opens the rear cargo ramp and pushes the pallets down the ramp while the plane is moving.

Hut Point Open water

I really enjoy my walks down to Hut Point, especially after midrats.  There's always something different to see.  Last night I walked down to see the open water.  Beautiful nighttime light and no breeze created a calm surface on the open water, surrounded by ice and rock.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

January, 2013

This is the time of year in McMurdo that the penguins and whales start showing up in force, the seals have made the ice on the bay their home, and people are making travel plans and redeployment reservations.  Here's a few random photos.

Stephanie, love your smile!
Stephanie hanging out with Brian and Blake.
The cross on top of Ob Hill.
And the midnight sun.
Photo: "Road"
The van sucking sink hole at the transition.
The transition is where the sea ice meets land.
Got stuck...
...really stuck.
Changing a plane engine at Pegasus.
I love the light at what passes for night here.

Summer Snowstorm

Yes it happens, a summer snowstorm. I remember snow on the Forth of July one year in Alaska and another season when it snowed over a foot on Labor Day. It happens in Antarctica too. Yesterday we got 6" of new snow with drifts up to two feet!   Big flakes, beautiful to watch. We all became "solid precipitation removal specialists" Grab a snow shovel and get to work!
The big storm, snowing on Saturday.
My dorm.
The gerbil gym and parking area.
The morning after, the roads covered in soft snow.
48 hours later, sunny and cold.

More Penguins

This is the time of year for open water and penguins, I love it!  The Ice Breaker is due here a two weeks and then the fuel tanker and re-supply vessels arrive shortly thereafter. Once they're done, it's time to leave.


Once the ice breaks up and open water appears off Hut Point, you can see whales here at McMurdo.  Mostly Orca's but also Minke whales are seen.  Here are some Orca whale shapes in the water (it's hard to get a great whale photo) and Adelie penguins.  The Adelie's are so much fun to watch, they are so animated, energetic and seem to love being together in groups. They make me smile everytime I see them.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Occasionally people ask if I've seen any polar bears. Sadly I have to tell them no, there are no polar bears in Antarctica, they live in the arctic north. I do see a lot of whales, seals and penguins though. Here are some penguin pictures - just for you!
An Emporer and Mt Erebus.
A regal Emperor penguin.
A group of Adele's, my favorites.
They are at Pegasus close to a LC-130.