Monday, November 24, 2014

Cape Evans, Icebergs, Boondoggle!

"People don't go to Antarctica. They are called to Antarctica."

I was fortunate enough to be chosen for a boondoggle (get out of town adventure) to Scott's Hut at Cape Evans about 13 miles from McMurdo.  We rode on Delta Gale which pulled a sled of survival gear (just in case).  It was a very warm day here, in the upper 20's F and no wind.  What a difference that makes.  Bernie and Liz were awesome guides.

Robert F Scott's hut was built at Cape Evans on Ross Island by the British Antarctica Expedition during Scott's Terra Nova expedition in 1911.  The 25' x 50' main building is insulated by seaweed and was heated by coal.  25 men lived here during the winter of 1911 in support of Scott's trek to the South Pole. It was abandoned in 1917.  It's in amazing shape and is full of historic artifacts.  A truly remarkable gem in the history of the exploration of Antarctica.

The icebergs trapped in the sea ice were cool too.  It was so quiet you could here them melting and the water dripping off the surfaces.  Once the sea ice melts in a month these bergs will move on with the current.

Mt Erebus from the sea ice.


Inaccessible Island.  Coolest name ever.

Delta Gale and survival sled.

Liz, the coolest scientist.

More icebergs.

The gang.

Taking pictures.

A crack in the sea ice.  
In 4-6 weeks, this will be open water.

Scott's Hut at Cape Evans.

The kitchen area.

The science research desk.

Liz checked the integrity of the crack in the ice.

I thought Delta's were big.
Kind puts things inperspective.



Sunday, November 16, 2014

LC-130's at Willy Field

I spent some time at Williams Field (Willy Field) a couple days ago with a group of DV's, so I took some pictures.  The Distinguished Visitors were from the NSF and were heading to the South Pole for a quick visit.

Heaters and planes at the ready at Willy Field.

NYANG Skier 02 getting ready for flight.

Taking off with Mt Discovery in the background.

Ski's instead of wheels make this work.

Heading to the South Pole.

Mt Erebus letting off steam.

Another view of Mt Erebus.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Williams Field, McMurdo, Antarctica

"People don't go to Antarctica. They are called to Antarctica."

Williams Field, affectionately called Willy Field, is the ice runway used by planes with skis here at McMurdo.  Willy Field is on the Ross Ice Shelf.  The planes with skis include the NYANG LC-130's and Ken Borak Air's Baslers & Twin Otters.  These planes are used to supply and support science in field camps on the continent.

Welcome sign.

LC-130's on the apron awaiting assignments.

KBA Basler.

Airfield control tower.

A Basler taking off from Willy Field.

A Loader used to load and unload planes.

The Shuttle stop and Galley in the background.

Skier 93 in the fuel pits.

Maintenance Operations Center tower.

Willy Field town site.

Antarctica, Part II

"People don't go to Antarctica. They are called to Antarctica."

Here are some random images from last week in McMurdo, LDB, Pegasus & Willy Field.

Welcome sign on Scott Hill 
with Observation Hill in the background.

Pressure ridges, waves of ice.

The "beach ball" on Scott Base Hill.

Two NYANG LC-130's at Willy Field.

The Kress with the passenger box 
and Mt Erebus in the distance.

A Basler (DC3) leaving Willy for a field camp.

An LC-130 leaving Willy for the South Pole.

The Royal Society Range on the horizon.

Skier 93, a LC-130 in the fuel pits at Willy Field.
These are the planes used to haul fuel, supplies 
and people to the South Pole and field camps.

View of McMurdo from T-Site.