Sunday, November 9, 2014

Williams Field, McMurdo, Antarctica

"People don't go to Antarctica. They are called to Antarctica."

Williams Field, affectionately called Willy Field, is the ice runway used by planes with skis here at McMurdo.  Willy Field is on the Ross Ice Shelf.  The planes with skis include the NYANG LC-130's and Ken Borak Air's Baslers & Twin Otters.  These planes are used to supply and support science in field camps on the continent.

Welcome sign.

LC-130's on the apron awaiting assignments.

KBA Basler.

Airfield control tower.

A Basler taking off from Willy Field.

A Loader used to load and unload planes.

The Shuttle stop and Galley in the background.

Skier 93 in the fuel pits.

Maintenance Operations Center tower.

Willy Field town site.

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