Sunday, November 2, 2014

Antarctica Boondoggle

"People don't go to Antarctica. They are called to Antarctica."

Helping Science in Antarctica.
Last week a co-worker & I rode a Pisten Bully out onto the ice to help a Seal research team (B017). Our job was to clean ice out of holes, the manual labor detail. The drill made 48" wide holes in the 5' -6' deep sea ice on the Ross Sea. We used dip nets to clear out the ice chunks. It took hours! (well, one actually). It was cold, very windy; we got wet and were exhausted. But it was great to help in the study of seal behavior and be a part of the Science in Antarctica!

Mt Discovery.

Mt Erebus.

Ice snow road from town, 
McMurdo on the left, Black Island on the right.

Pisten Bully on the flagged route.

The Royal Society Range.

Drill here.

The drill is on skis pulled by a Cat.

Drilling a 48" wide seal hole thru 5'-6' of sea ice.

Windy & cold but a beautiful day!

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