Sunday, March 31, 2013

Road Trip Basics

I started my road trip to Alaska today and it was a beautiful day for a drive, clear blue skies and 26c.  I got up early, had one of my favorite breakfasts, finished packing and loading the car and was on the road as the morning fog was lifting.  The drive along the Fraser River on Highway 1 between Hope and Cashe Creek is a favorite of mine. The river canyon hosts the highway and two busy railroad mainlines. CP Rail and Canadian National (CN).  They share the canyon with a rail line on each side of the river.  Lots of trains.  This far north there's still some snow on the ground, though the roads are clear and dry. The first day I went 525 miles in 12 hours, with lots of breaks and stops.
Some fog, the car's loaded and ready to go.

The open road, I-5 North.

Welcome to BC!

The quaint town of Hope.

Bridge over the Fraser River at Boston Bar.

Lots of tunnles along this part of Highway 1.

Fraser River.

Fraser River, again.

The twin railroad bridges.

A northbound train crossing the Fraser River.

The tall bridge.

Old technology.

A train on each side of the river.

A westbound coal train.

An eastbound train.

My accommodations on my first night.
A bit drafty and cool, but affordable (free)!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Gold Coast, part II

Here's some more images of my favorite beaches on the Gold Coast of Australia. Sadly, my time is almost up and I will be back home soon.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Gold Coast

The Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and Surfer's Paradise.  Not sure of the distinction, but it all fits.

Fine white sand beaches with dune grasses.

Surfer's Paradise is the city on the horizon.

A path to Broadbeach.

A surfer.

A lifeguard.
A beach.

Greenmount Beach.

Kirra Beach.

The waves crashing at Point Danger.

The beaches here are amazing.
Cool water, warm sand, hot sun, great waves.


I left Christchurch, NZ and am in Sydney visiting friends I met in Turkey.  Strange, I know, but couch surfing is my preferred method of travel and required on my meager salary.  I still believe, even after having traveled to all seven continents, that Sydney is the most beautiful city in the world.  Off the top of my head, others I would rank near the top, in no particular order are: San Francisco, Vancouver, Cape Town, Vienna, Singapore, Seattle and Perth, to name a few.

"Butterfly Blue", the name of the plane that brought me here.

A sign?  Because that's where I'm heading.

The Sydney Opera house.

The Sydney Harbor Bridge.

A Sydney ferry.

View from the bridge.

See the house behind the trees, the one with a sailboat & infinity pool,
with 6 bedrooms?  Lots of room for friends and guests!
That's what I want for Christmas, Santa.

Milson's Point across the harbor from the Sydney CBD.

Doyle's Fish & Chips, a classic on Watson's Bay.

View of the CBD from the bridge.

Palm Beach, where my friends hung out as kids.

The Diamond Princess, travel in luxury.

My style of travel, a Sydney ferry.

Sailboats in harmony.

North Palm Beach, one of my favorites.

A sailboat and the sea.