Sunday, March 3, 2013

New Zealand

I got into Christchurch (CHCH) Thursday night. It was warm, humid and dark.  Kind of the opposite of Antarctica. Spent a few days in Christchurch acclimating to civilization, then headed to the lake resort town of Wanaka for more relaxation.  In CHCH I spent a lot of time at the Botanical gardens, eating ethnic foods, an afternoon at the museum and another afternoon at the beach.

The Kiwi 757, freedom bird to take us off the island.

Ready to board.

Lantern Festival in the park.


Beach driftwood.

NZ ice cream.

Riccarton Farmers market.

Wanaka park.

The Purple Cow lodge.

Lake Wanaka.

Metal rose sculpture.

Avon river in Christchurch.


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