Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I left Christchurch, NZ and am in Sydney visiting friends I met in Turkey.  Strange, I know, but couch surfing is my preferred method of travel and required on my meager salary.  I still believe, even after having traveled to all seven continents, that Sydney is the most beautiful city in the world.  Off the top of my head, others I would rank near the top, in no particular order are: San Francisco, Vancouver, Cape Town, Vienna, Singapore, Seattle and Perth, to name a few.

"Butterfly Blue", the name of the plane that brought me here.

A sign?  Because that's where I'm heading.

The Sydney Opera house.

The Sydney Harbor Bridge.

A Sydney ferry.

View from the bridge.

See the house behind the trees, the one with a sailboat & infinity pool,
with 6 bedrooms?  Lots of room for friends and guests!
That's what I want for Christmas, Santa.

Milson's Point across the harbor from the Sydney CBD.

Doyle's Fish & Chips, a classic on Watson's Bay.

View of the CBD from the bridge.

Palm Beach, where my friends hung out as kids.

The Diamond Princess, travel in luxury.

My style of travel, a Sydney ferry.

Sailboats in harmony.

North Palm Beach, one of my favorites.

A sailboat and the sea.

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