Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Quicksilver Pro 2013 Surfing contest

The beaches at Coolangatta, Kirra, Bulinga and Tweed Heads were busy this week. Sponsored in part by Land Rover, the Quicksilver Pro 2013 surfing competition was going on with the finals on Wednesday.  Greenmount, Rainbow and Kirra Beaches had amazing waves and long tubes, making for awesome rides and high scores. It was a wonderful event on a hot and sunny day and the crowds were large and appreciative.

The Sponsor.

A nice day for a surfing contest.

Great crowds.

People everywhere.

Lots of surfing fans.
The surfer dudes.
Coming out of the tube!

Catching a ride on the Redbull waverider.

Great ride!


Zana, my beach buddy and surfing guru.

Beautiful blue eyes. Zana's from NZ, but lives here to surf. 
Loves to travel and is the only one of 5 kids that moved away from home.
Her father is a doctor and spent a season at Scott Base in Antarctica.
Land Rover Defender.
Needless to say, it's been a fun week.

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