Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Here's a couple more photos from Pegasus...

A C-17 and Pegasus.


The two Canadian Baslers (rebuilt DC-3's).

The front view of a Basler.

The Airbus I flew down on keeps coming back.

I love these majestic old birds.

The tail end of a Basler.

A quick game of softball over the lunch break.

A LC-130 getting ready for loading and take off.

These LC-130's fly over 400 missions each season.

My roommate Kyle and his Cat snow groomer.

The Pegasus Galley (orange) and plane heaters (yellow)

Me and the Pride of Scocia, NY LC-130 Skier 93

Pegasus Airfield

 A Basler being loaded with supplies for a field camp.

Fire house #2 at Pegasus

Snow remover (and anything else in the way).

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