Sunday, February 3, 2013

February 4, 2013

Today is Monday, February 4th and the Russian Icebreaker made an appearance off Hut Point, a sign of good things to come. First the Icebreaker, then the tanker, then the re-supply vessel and finally the USAF cargo jet to take us all back to the world of color and warmth, fresh fruit and veggies.  Also, today is Christina's first day at her new job. Good luck, rock their world!  I know you will be awesome.  For us football fans, the Superbowl starts in a couple hours, after endless pre-game analysis and highlights. And finally, I have the day (night) off!  It's a great day!

Here are some random photos I've taken recently.
An alternative form of transportation,
a snowboard and kite.  Looks like fun!

What, an alien?

A grill on a snow sled, coming back from a field camp.

Moon over Mt Erebus and McMurdo.

Pressure Ridges near Scott Base.
The white line below the horizon is the ice road.

A LC-130 taking off from Pegasus with
Mt Discovery in the background.

Lisa driving the Kress with a freight trailer.

A stuck van at milepost 3 on a snowy day.

Mt Discovery reflected in the open water near Hut Point.

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