Saturday, February 16, 2013

Maersk Peary

I was fortunate enough to get a tour of the tanker, "Maersk Peary".  This tanker was custom built for supplying fuel to the Arctic and Antarctic military bases and is leased from Maersk by the Military Sealift Command, or MSC for use in delivering fuel to McMurdo and Greenland, among other places. It is not a icebreaker, but it does have an extra thick steel belt at the waterline to protect it from ice.  Here are some photos of the Maersk Peary at McMurdo.

Tied up to the ice pier.
A truck staging containers for the resupply vessel.

A massive ship, but small as tankers go.

View from the Bridge.

The ships wheel, as small as a car steering wheel.

Maersk logo.

Engine control room.

Our guide explaining the controls.

Seven cylinder engine, three stories tall.

Look at the size of that fuel injector!

The gangway to the ice pier.
The ice pier is covered in dirt for insulation.

Nearly unloaded and ready to head back to Malaysia.

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