Monday, June 24, 2013

Eielson Visitors Center

In Denali National Park, Alaska, at milepost 66 on the Park Road sits a beautiful new interpretive center.  I rode the VTS (Visitors Transportation System) bus out for a look on a amazing trip with Denali strutting her stuff on a clear blue sky day, awesome!  The bus ride was long and dusty, and it was hot (for Alaska) but the views are outstanding and the wildlife viewing fantastic.

Denali from the Savage River area, 80 miles away.

Brown hills and blue sky.

Green and rocky.

Janet contemplating the sun and water at Toklat.

Denali from Stoney Point.

The new Eielson Visitors center is built into the hillside.
The front side plaza overlooking the valley.
Grand views of Denali from every window.

Looking toward Denali.

Janet in the foreground with Denali on the horizon.

The parking lot, full of buses.

A view from the roof deck.

Certified green LEED Platinum.

The road over Polychrome Pass, or Poison Hill.
The driver said, "One drop and it will kill you"

"Keep Exploring"

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