Monday, June 10, 2013


Wisconsin is famous for beer, brats and cheese. And the Green Bay Packers, Lambeau Field, the National Railroad museum and Harley Davidson.  Also famous in some circles for music at the Water Street Pub performed by Doc Moc and the Water Street Hot Shots. So I recently spent a long weekend there, lots to do and friendly folks, a wonderful visit to a great state.

Welcome to Wisconsin!

The Water Street Pub, where good music is heard.

 The Water Street Hot Shots.

Doc Mock on bass and back up vocals.

Doc Mock singing the Blues. 
Green Bay, Wisconsin.

The new Atrium.

79,590 seats for Green Bay Packers fans.
Sold out every game since 1960.
Over 80,000 names on the season ticket waiting list.
13 world Championships, more than any other team.

A truly amazing and modern facility.

Also in Green Bay, the National Railroad Museum.

The Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee.


A huge and informative museum, covering 110 years.

The Classic 1950's

The wall of colorful fuel tanks tells the story.

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