Monday, April 21, 2014

Selling my Sanctuary

Selling my home was a challenging experience.  Sadly, no more permanent address, no place to come home to.  For a world traveler I sure got attached to my little place in the country, an old farmhouse that I fixed up and made my own special place.  A safe haven, my sanctuary in a world that sometimes confuses me.  But the good part, no more ball and chain (mortgage payments) and the freedom to be more flexible in job opportunities and travel options.  I'm still adjusting, but I think I'll be fine, eventually...

I got a full price offer on the second day it was listed, and had a full price back up offer two days later.  It sold much faster than I anticipated, but that's good.  A part of me regrets the necessity of moving on because I know how special this place is and how much sweat equity I've put into this house to make it a perfect home for me.  On the other hand, if you're rarely there, what's the point?

Unfortunately, my roommates did not keep up with the yard and landscaping duties, so I spent a lot of time and money getting the place looking good again.  So after the painting, cleaning, packing, sorting and purging, I put it on the market.  Once all the paperwork was done I became homeless. Now I'm off on amazing adventures to interesting places - I'm heading to Alaska for the summer.  Here's a couple of photos of the place that was once mine.

Like a Time Machine. 
Today, Thursday, March 13th, 2014 is just like February 4th, 2000. That February day we moved into our new home in Washington (the same one I just sold). We celebrated in an empty house and slept on the floor because our furniture was not scheduled to arrive until early the next day. Tonight I'm laying on the floor again because my furniture has been packed or sold. The house is empty and echoes once again. I just finished cleaning and am exhausted. As I lay here in this wonderful old home, I hear footsteps of past parties, sense the floor sticky with something spilled, see lost Cheerios under the refrigerator and recall wonderful memories of family and friends. Earlier, as I was wandering from room to room I was reminded of happy times and funny stories. It's clean now and ready for the next family to create their own memories in this cozy, comfy rural sanctuary. I wish them well.

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