Saturday, February 11, 2012

Four days and a wake up!

I can't believe it! The first group of Shuttle drivers leave tomorrow (Monday), a few more on Weds and a large group of us, me included, on Friday.  Not ready yet - haven't even started packing and still have 3 days of work to go.  The season has just flown by.  My theory is that the older you are and the closer you are to the poles - time go by at warp speed.  It's been a lot of fun and here are a few more photos to enjoy. 

The Galley info board, and my favorite Calvin & Hobbes cartoon.

Elisha and Travis in the Shuttles office.

The exterior of building 140, the ATO, Cargo & Shuttles building.

Fran at the dispatchers desk.

Iceberg in still waters.

The Plamer leaving McMurdo.

The penquin at the halfway house (a pump station for fuel line to Pegasus).

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