Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ten more days

I've only got 10 more days here at McMurdo in Antarctica before I leave for travels in NZ, Australia and North Africa.  I expect to be home by June 1st.  It's been an awesome five months here on the Ice and I hope to come back again next season.  New friends, awesome experiences, amazing scenery and great coworkers.  Just fabulous!  I'm ready to leave, but will miss this magical place and my friends.  As a friend reminded me after my divorce, "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened."

Harry (left) teaching his jewelry class.  Here he's polishing crystals.

Awesome AGE logo on building.

A Pickle named Que Sera Sera.

Linnah and Char whale watching and Adrain reading the cross.

Roxy on Facebook.

Queen Dispatching.  All those white boards have info for the dispatcher.

Monet whiteboard artwork!

My van and trailer at Pegasus Airfield.

NY ANG LC-130 with new 8 blade props.

View of McMurdo from the golf ball.

(Golf ball images coming soon.)

Still waters, a rare thing.

Unloading containers and staging for the supply ship due soon.

Stuck again.

Mt Erebus, 12,448' and my van and trailer at Pegasus.

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