Thursday, February 16, 2012

Weather delay

I got a weather delay.  Not my plane but the other one.  They did a drawing for the available seats and I lost.  A storm is coming in and I am not sure when I will get out of here.  It's costing me in reservations in NZ that I have to cancel without refunds.  But the good news is, more time for photos...

Kiwi RNZAF 757 landing at Pegasus

Ivan and 2 Delta's ready for passengers.

RNZAF 757, love the red kiwi logo.

more penquin shots.

The sky over Ross sea ice at 5am, just gorgeous!

MV Green Wave, our supply vessel, arrived on Feb 14.

Pier is in place and the unloading started on Feb 17.

Keep the faith!

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