Monday, December 31, 2012

Cool Science, Hot Scientist.

Have I ever mentioned the cool science and the cooler scientists doing amazing stuff down here?  We're in Antarctica after all.  The scientists, or Beekers as we tend to call them, are the reason I am here and why I can experience this wonderful, magical place.  While my background is business, not science, I still enjoy talking with them.  For example, I really enjoyed talking with the microbiologist pictured below.  I didn't understand a lot of what she was saying, and after I caught a glimpse of her stunning green eyes, I don't remember a word she said... but I'm sure she's doing important, significant work that will win her more honors & fame, success and good fortune. And maybe she'll take home some wonderful memories too.

There are hundreds of websites on Antarctica, but listed below are a couple of science sites that I have looked at and like.

One cool science project is WISSARD, check out the website below.

Another site, featuring work in the Dry Valleys, it has awesome photos.

A site about Weddell Seals in Antarctica by Montana State University.

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