Saturday, December 29, 2012

McMurdo Misc, part 17

Here are some more random images that I have taken over the last week or so.  Several are of Hut Point and Observation Hill (Ob Hill), a 300' lava cone on the edge of McMurdo town that I climb on occasion. It's a good workout, and if I'm too tired to hike up it, I walk around it. The Ob hill loop trail is almost 3 miles long.  Between the cold wind and the loose rock, it's always interesting.

Building 183, SPoT (South Pole Traverse) shop.

The sign on the door.

The interior of the SPot shop.

Weddell seals sunning on the ice off Hut Point.

Hut Point.

What do you do when your truck breaks down on the snow road?
Jess and Shelby make a snowman until help arrives, awesome!

Ob Hill and McMurdo.

Close up of Ob hill.

Trail marker at the base of Ob Hill.

View of McMurdo from near the top of Ob hill.

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