Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pressure Ridges

No, not the lines on your forehead, these are ice ridges caused by extreme pressure. These pressure ridges are created as two different ice floes are pushed into each other. Actually, here in the Ross Sea, the sea ice is pushed by wind and tide action into the permanent ice shelf and against Ross Island.  These photos are from the pressure ridges at the bottom of Scott Base hill here on Ross Island in Antarctica.  Amazing ice sculptures in every shade of blue and white!

Linnah, our guide.

We saw several seals too.

So cute.

Soft looking fur.




Lion's head.

The group.

Ice ridge with Castle Rock in the background.

A melt pool surrounded by ice features.

Amber standing in for size comparison.

Rocky road.
A seal hole in the ice.

Midnight sun (actually, about 9pm).

Mt Erebus in the background.

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