Saturday, September 21, 2013

Autumn in Denali National Park

Here are some images from the last couple of days. We've had some amazing clear blue sky days and other days that were overcast, and a couple overnight snowfalls.  It's beautiful and cold here, things are winding down and closing for the season.  And we're anxious to move on to the next new adventure whatever that turns out to be.  The life of a seasonal employee... change and beauty at every turn.

The entrance sign at Denali National Park.

Healy Overlook.

Trees and blue sky.

Southbound Alaska Railroad passenger train.

Riley Creek.

Snow capped mountains.

Autumn colors along the highway.

The entrance sign at Denali National Park
with new snow on Healy.
Gumdrop Hill and the Riley Creek trestle.

Autumn colors under a cloudy sky.

More autumn colors under a cloudy sky.

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