Saturday, September 21, 2013

Wonder Lake, Denali National Park

I took the Shuttle bus ride into Denali Park, all the way to Wonder Lake. A long 12 hour day going all the way to MP 85 and back, but we picked blueberries, hung out at Wonder Lake, saw the mountain and lots of wildlife, a great trip on a nice day.

Teklanika River.

Teklanika (Take-a-leak-a) Rest stop at MP 29.
The views south at Polychrome Pass Overlook.

Denali from the road just past Toklat.

Divide Mountain (5,195') at Toklat.

Our bus at the Eielson Visitor Center.

Our driver stopped so we could pick ripe, juicy blueberries.
We filled whatever containers we had, empty water bottles, sandwich bags, anything.

A Bull Moose just off the road near MP 72.

Wonder Lake.

Wonder Lake.

Wonder Lake.

Wonder Lake.

The nice nurse from Seward,
so excited to see the mountain.

Wonder Lake campground at MP 85.

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