Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hurricane Turn, part II

Another Sunday morning drive to Talkeetna for a ride on the Alaska Railroad Hurricane Turn.  The first stop in town is always at the Roadhouse for an awesome breakfast. The next stop is to see Jack at the Alaska Railroad Depot for a ticket and information. A beautiful day and Denali (Mt McKinley) was out and visible all day.  One of the best trips with a great crew and incredible scenery.

The Alaska Railroad.

Denali and the Susitna River

Approaching a bridge (can't remember which one).

The tracks following the Indian River.

Denali looms large over an incredible landscape.

The Hurricane Turn train and the Indian River.

The gang ready for a ride into town on the train.

Loading up their camping and fishing gear.

The baggage car is used for storing all the gear.

The famous Sherman City Hall.  I just read 
Mary Lovell's books about homesteading and raising a
family here, a great read and fascinating story!

Engine driver Steve at the end of the day back in Talkeetna.

The Alaska Railroad.

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