Saturday, December 20, 2014

Williams Field, McMurdo, Antarctica

Here are some more photos I've taken of Willy Field and the NYANG LC-130's (NY Air National Guard C-130's on skis) that use the skiway to supply field camps all over Antarctica.  A busy, active functional airfield serving the entire continent.

Beautiful machine and blue sky.

Hut 19, the Cargo & MC1 office.

Shed, Plane, Delta and the Royal Society mountain range.

Engine heaters & planes all lined up and ready.

Attaching JATO canisters and
Kerry, the Load Master. 
Welcome to Willy Field skiway.

A KBA Basler (DC-3)

A Basler coming in for a landing.

The Shuttle stop and Galley.

The 'Beach Ball' on the top of the hill.

The Control tower (on skis too).

Three LC-130's with Mt Discovery in the background.

Loading JATO canisters (Jet Assisted Take Off).

Take off sequence (four photos).

Happy Holidays!

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