Wednesday, December 21, 2011

More McMurdo randomness

Here's a couple of shots (and thoughts) from my latest walk around town, trip to Plegasus and other random observations of Mactown...

Cross at Hut Point honoring George Vince.

NYANG LC-130 under a coudy sky at night.

Cargo load check on the way to Pegasus.

M1 (fuel tank) Gargoyle

3 am sun burning thru the ice fog.

Dramatic light and ice along the Pegasus Road.

Pressure Ridges.

The vehicle gas station at Plegasus airfield. Talk about self service.

Don't ask me...

but it's a fun place.

Springtime, when the snow melts in the sun and re-freezes on a daily cycle.

The cab of my Delta, with my daypack and green cap on the 3 person passenger seat.

I totally get it.  I'm grateful to be here on my seventh continent!

A glimpe of the Ross Sea monster.

Helium tanks for NASA's LDB (Long Duration Balloon) program.

A warming hut, called an Apple because it's red and round, duh!

Science Support needs all kinds of lubricants, Tennessee whiskey for example,

and Mexican beer.

A C-17 landing with science support cargo (see above).

The snow road to Plegasus airfield, 14 plus miles of joy or agony, depending on conditions.

Ivan the Terra Bus, capacity 60, top speed 26 mph.

The logo of our supply ship, coming in late January, we hope.

The endless sea of ICE.

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