Saturday, December 3, 2011

Spring in McMurdo

It's like breakup in Alaska in April - wet and muddy.  McMurdo is on Ross Island, a volcanic speck just off the Antarctic continnent, so it gets muddy as the snow melts.  The snow and ice roads get soft and squishy.  It's a challenging time to drive.

Snow flurries and a cargo Delta, Spring in McMurdo.
My room with the Xmas lights hung & calendar photos on my wall (thanks Merrie!).

The main drag in McMurdo, wet and muddy.

A passenger Delta in the snow. 

Grafitti on the side of a shipping container.

Burke in his MAD MAX party costume.  Great party Fuelies!

 Title: "Stuff under the snow".  After the snow melts you see all kinds of junk.

A challenger from Fleet Ops pulling out a Delta.

The transition from the island to the ice, melting and soft.

A melting and freezing cycle on a snow bank.

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