Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Whitehorse sites along side the Yukon River with a population of over 25,000.  Whitehorse owes its existence to the White Pass & Yukon Route that terminated here on the banks of the Yukon river in 1900.  Nearby, a tent town, grandly called Canyon City, was created in 1897 by the gold miners heading to the Klondike. It was abandoned after Whitehorse was established.

I left Watson Lake (WL) this morning, but not before stopping at the Sign Post Forest to look around. It's much bigger than I remember from almost 20 year ago (well, duh!).  As I was leaving WL, I stumbled into a distressing scene, the local Tags Food & Gas station and convenience store had caught fire.  Disaster!

Today's stats: In the first two hours (about halfway) of driving from Watson lake to Whitehorse, I drove 128 miles and encountered 14 other vehicles, saw one moose and 27 caribou.  Caribou are almost twice as common as other vehicles... I only drove 278 miles today so I could enjoy more time in Whitehorse.

Watson Lake is famous for its sign post forest.

Signs from all over the world, Montana too.

It would have been fun to go exploring,
but there was way too much snow.

Watson Lake fire at Tags Food & Gas.

Some of the dozens of caribou I have seen.

Nice roads today.

Nice mountains. Keeping an eye on things?

WP&Y Railway station in Whitehorse.
The paddle wheeler "Klondike" in Whitehorse.

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