Monday, April 1, 2013

The Alaska Highway

This afternoon at about 4pm I got to Dawson Creek (DC) and the beginning of the Alaska Highway,  milepost "0".  So after 918 miles (1,469 km) since leaving home, I made it to the beginning.  Today I drove 440 miles (705 km) over roads through the mountains with lots of curves, hills and frost heaves. So far 965 miles (1,545 km) in two days.  An awesome drive and a great adventure, yeah!

Early morning over the snow fields.

I love the determined march of the solitary fence posts in a snowy field.
Though it sometimes makes me feel sad and melancholy.

The Hart Ranges of the Cariboo Mountains,
part of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

A man made mountain of colorful scrap steel.

Hey Jen, can I borrow some money?

The Alaska Hi-way milepost "0"
in downtown Dawson Creek.

The world famous Alaska Highway sign.
Skyscrapers of the prairies, though updated
and no longer used as a grain elevator.

A modern grain elevator and CN trains.

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