Monday, July 15, 2013

A day's adventure

I had the day off and couldn't decide if I just wanted to sleep in, be lazy and hang close to home, or maybe go on a road trip and adventure instead.  I took off early and spent the day exploring. First stop, UAF Museum of the North.  Alaska has at least two amazing museums, the one in downtown Anchorage and this one in Fairbanks.  I also stopped for a picnic lunch at Pioneer Park, drove the Steese Highway to the Pipeline, then to Chena and stopped in Nenana on the way home last night.


UAF, Museum of the North

New $42 million dollar building.

Amazing architecture and, to me,
as interesting as anything inside. 

Not a lot of straight walls or right angles.

Pioneer Park in Fairbanks.
Back in the day, I think it was called Alaska Land.

The Tanana Valley Railroad Museum.

The Tanana Valley Railroad.

Part of the 800 mile oil pipeline from Prudhoe bay to Valdez.
Half inch thick steel, 48" in diameter, begun in 1974, completed in 1977.
Called TAPS, the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System.

Fields of Fireweed on the road to Chena Hot Springs.

Some of the burns in the area. At one point there
were almost 400 wildfires across the state.

Wildfire destruction and rebirth.

The Nenana Depot, now a museum and gift shop.

I want to take this home to my workshop and fix it.

The Alaska Railroad and the Mears Memorial Bridge
in Nenana. This 700' Thru Truss was built by the
American Bridge Co and completed in 1923.

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