Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Roadside Trail

A long, long time ago, in a magical place far, far away I worked on a trail crew building the roadside trail from Denali National Park's Headquarters to the Entrance area where the visitors services were located.  I worked with an amazing, hard working and fun crew.  Joyce was our trail boss and Jim was the R&T (Roads & Trails) boss, the man in charge.  It was great summer work, being outside, working hard and getting paid well.  And after almost 25 years, the trail still stands, a beautiful reality of one man's vision and our mission.  A 3.5 mile ribbon of compacted gravel used daily by visitors and employees alike.  Wish I had construction photos to share, but if I do, they are packed away in storage somewhere.  So here it is, as it looks today.

Park Service buildings at Headquarters.

The Roadside Trail.

The retaining wall.

A beautiful walk in the woods.

A bench to relax on and rest.

What we called the "Rock Garden".
A rock fall from a hillside to the left.
One of my favorite spots.

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