Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sled Dog Demo at Denali National Park

At Denali National Park there are a lot of dogs, 36 Alaskan Huskies, to be exact.  The only National Park with a working sled dog yard, these dogs earn their keep by patrolling the back country wilderness in the winter and act as ambassadors in the summer spending time with visitors. The Park Service gives Sled Dog demonstrations so we can learn more about these amazing animals and the critical job they do to help protect this Park. Here are a couple photos of the Dog Demo I attended last week. It was informative and fun!

Lucor is on top of his kennel for a better view of the crowd.

These dogs are huskier than the Iditarod racing dogs.
The comparison used was these are more like football players,
and the Iditarod dogs are more like marathon runners.

Julie and Aliqsi.

Gathering the lucky few.

Hooking up the dogs to the sled.

The dogs are so anxious to get to work and run.
Kind of like the opposite of me.

Julie getting ready to release the dogs.

After the run, they swing by the fascinated crowd.
The Ranger gives an excellent talk on the history
and current work these dogs do for the Park.

Relaxed but ready for more.

Beautiful dogs.

Done. And now for a nap...

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