Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Jeff King's Husky Homestead, part II

I had been to an afternoon show some time ago, but later learned the evening program was the one to see, as Jeff would be telling the tales. I jumped on a bus in front of the McKinley Chalets last evening to see Jeff and his dogs. Jeff King's Husky Homestead presentation was an absolutely amazing show and so much fun!  Lots of puppies, dogs, stories, jokes, laughs, a real gem of a show, one of the best in Denali!  I have to say without prejudice that this event is really worth seeing.  Maybe Jeff was just in rare form last night, but he had the crowd of about 120 in the palm of his hand. I laughed, got tingles down my spine and really enjoyed the entire evening.  Having lived here myself, I share his love of Alaska, but you don't have to live here or even like Alaska to appreciate his stories.  He shared his life experiences on the trail and off, living in rural Alaska, raising a family and doing what he loves. Raising and racing dogs, Alaskan Huskies. 

Jeff holding a puppy while sharing his stories.

The dog yard.

Ellen taking about the dogs.

Here Ellen describing the furry undercoat.

They're both hams in front of a crowd.

Erin is from Anchorage and loves dogs.

Harnessing a team for the demonstration.

Back but ready to go again.

Amusing plaything.

The dog wheel, wonder if they could generate electricity?
Two of a kind.

The best show in Denali.

Caribou antlers, not horns.

The Iditarod sled.

"The dogs do the work, I'm just their caretaker."

"Don't leave yet, we've got time for one more story."

The dogs are very friendly.

Puppy house, nap time.

The puppy wheel, where they stumble over their feet.

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