Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Around MacTown

The endless, eternal, infinite beauty of Antarctica.

The sign at the New Zealand base 3 kms away.

Our "office cubes", used for storing our ECW (Extreme Cold Weather) gear.

The Galley, great food and lots of it, six times a day.

Galley dining hall.

View of McMurdo from ATO Shuttles building 140.
The blue building is 155, where I live.

View of McMurdo from the ice road heading back into town from the Ice Runway (airport).

The ice road from McMurdo to IR (Ice Runway), with a view of Mt Erebus steaming in the background.  The pyramid hill in front of it is called Ob (Observation) Hill.  Mactown is in the depression to the left of Ob Hill.

Front view of build 140 where the Shuttles office, Post Office and Cargo offices are located.  The 3 vans in front are town taxi's that I get to drive.

Dave Haney at his desk in building 140.

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