Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pegasus Crash site

I got to go on a boondoggle today, a recreational trip to the site of the Pegasus crash site.  In 1970 a U.S. Navy C-121J VXE-6 "Pegasus 7" crash landed. The aircraft was destroyed but there were no fatalities among the 80 persons aboard (12 crew and 68 passengers).  The McMurdo Pegasus white ice runway is named after this aircraft and in honor of the crew who landed it safely in white out conditions.

An earlier photo of the Pegasus plane crash - you can see the name and flying horse.

Most of the plane is buried in snow drifts, but you can see the Navy lettering.

The tail markings.

Sadly, it reminds me of a beached whale.

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  1. I see the whale. It reminds me of a submarine just under the ocean surface too.
    It's amazing and lucky that no one was killed!