Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Around Mactown

Here are some random images from around McMurdo that I thought you might enjoy.

My laptop at the McMurdo Coffee house, a place I often hang out.

Two cranes against the summer sky.

The glitter recycling box.

The Dreams recycling box.

Awesome artwork on a crate.

Direction to Mooe Pass, Alaska.

It's summer here!

"For Sale by Owner"

Christmas Decorations.

The Grinch.

The McMurdo bridge troll.  He's a scrap metal sculpture.

Ivan the Terra Bus.  Apparently he has a popular U Tube following.

The library is Open ... and Cold.

We recycle everything down here, including romance novels.

The lid on a wood recycling bin.

The notice on the inside of the lid.

My dorm room with my Christmas lights up.

Fuel drums ready for a flight to a field station.

The frozen Polar Bear.

Snow covered Delta.

The Ice Road.

A blade plowing a snowdrift over the road to Scott base.

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  1. I'm most intrigued by "Swarthy Hitchhikers". If you find a copy, please forward on... :)