Saturday, November 19, 2011

McMurdo Misc

My van and a whole lot of nothing but ice, snow and cold as far as the eye can see!

A crack in the road at the transition, where the ice and land meet.

The Kiwi sign at the Scott Base transition, any ideas why the Kiwi's used a Kangaroo?

Pressure ridges at the Scott Base transition.  This is where the permanent ice crashes into the temporary sea ice and causes it to buckle and break.  It will melt later this summer. A Seal in the background.

Cargo Margo directing a loader and load onto her Delta.  I love her radio call name, but she doesn't.  She's always been Margaret and never Margo - until she came here.

A freight Delta and Kelly and Amy discussing loads and stuff.

The waste barn where my friend Vicki works, where they sort and separate the recycling and garbage.

Lots of Korean war era equipment, including these dump trucks.

"Green Piece"

Ice town at the Ice Runway.

Speaking of Korean war era, these are "pickles"  1950's era Navy forklifts. 
I'm told we have the last remaining operating pickles in the world.

McMurdo's Coffee House, not fancy but a lot of fun!
One of my favorite hangouts even though I'm not a coffee drinker.

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  1. I love all the Kiwi/Kangaroo humor :) Despite the limited color palette, it is soooo beautiful there! Much more so than the cold/dark/gray rain we've been getting around here. Thanks for the photos, Randy!