Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ice Runway (IR) Open House

A Basler, an updated DC-3 used for hauling people and supplies to field camps.

Sitting in the cockpit of an LC-130 looking forward at more LC-130's.

Sitting in the cockpit of an LC-130 looking to the side.

The cargo hold, or frieght and passenger area, of an LC-130

The wheels and skis of an LC-130.  It can land on either.

LC-130, Skier 93.  Used for trips to the South Pole and other camps. 

Loading a C-17 military cargo jet.  These go back and forth between McMurdo and Christchurch, NZ. They bring us freshies several times a week! This C-17 is based at McChord in Washington.

A C-17 taking off from the skiway (runway).

A LC-130 taking off with Discovery in the background.

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