Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More McMurdo scenes

Two of my favorites, Ann and Stephanie, from the mail room.  Since we work across the hall I get personalized mail delivery and love it.  So please send me mail!

The Welcome to McMurdo sign on Scott Hill.

Sign at McMurdo Station, Antarctica.

Stephanie skied to the IR (Ice Runway) and smiled about it!

Jen, Travis, Nate and Dave in the Shuttles office.

Road over Scott Base hill

Delta's and their passengers in Big Reds (parka's) They are at the IR waiting to board their plane.

3 Ford Shuttle Vans waiting at the IR for passengers.

A Basler and cool clouds at the Ice Runway (IR).

Mt Erebus, an active valcano 3795 meters high, with 2 Baslers and cargo in the foreground.

In addition to the 3 passenger Delta's I drive, there are also several freight delta's at McMurdo.

Cool clouds and amazing light at the IR in the morning.

Castle Rock and the Silver City Ice fall.

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