Saturday, November 3, 2012

First week at McMurdo

Welcome to Antarctica!
I arrived in McMurdo on Monday, October 29, several weeks later than last year. It's so beautiful, I can't believe how incredible and awesome it is here! It sort of feels like I never left.  It's absolutely amazing, I feel so blessed to have this opportunity. It's nice to be back, lots of friends and such a beautiful place to be!  I started work right away, and got busy too quickly.  Funny how the old routines just come right back and make you feel like it's home.

The weather has been incredible.  Cold, though, below freezing.  Today the high was 5F with a low of 21F below. Clear blue sunny skies, 24 hours of daylight and not too windy. The wind is always the factor that makes things miserable.  It's a cold harsh wind with blowing snow that takes the heat from your body and the joy right out of the day.

The van I drive from town to the ice runway and back.

Our Shuttles office, showing the dispatcher's desk.

The IR, Ice Runway, where I spend a lot of time.
I haul crew & passengers, gear & supplies to and from town.

The IR tower, it's on ski's so it's easy to move.

a NYANG LC-130 (with ski's).
The workhorse on the continent, flying to field camps and the
South Pole delivering supplies, scientists and support teams. 

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  1. Randy, glad you got there safe. Great pictures as usual.