Wednesday, November 14, 2012

IVAN, the Terra Bus

One of the vehicles I drive almost daily is IVAN, the Terra bus. It's a huge passenger transport, 46' long, over 12' wide and 14' tall with tires that are almost 6' in diameter.  It holds 56 passengers, 5 gallons (not quarts) of oil, 80 gallons of diesel fuel (66 Imperial gallons) and gets 4-5 mpg.

Ivan the Terra Bus is world famous, has it's own song, ( ) and a video of the driving conditions on the Pegasus road: ( )

Ivan's not a classy guy, but rather a functional piece of equipment with its very own style.  Just don't ask him to turn on a dime.  I love driving him and enjoy the challenge of trying to stay one step ahead of Ivan's quirky personality and massive turn radius.  Ivan is turning 19 years old next month, with over 11,800 hours on his clock, and sadly, is showing his age.  Ivan was build in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in December, 1993.

"IVAN" the Terra Bus.

Steps deployed for boarding.

Driver's side ladder and monster tires.
Note Cat Challenger dwarfed in the background.

56 passenger seats, traveling in comfort and style.

Driver's seat and dashboard.

On the Ice Road to LDB.
Parked at LDB.
(Long Duration Balloon Facility).

On the road again.

The endless Ross Sea Ice Shelf...

The Ice Road heading into town.


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