Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ice Runway, part II

Here are some more images from the Ice Runway, days before it gets dismantled and moved to Pegasus.  The warmer temps have made the ice pretty soft, so we will land the planes at Pegasus on the permanent ice shelf 15 miles from town starting next week. So instead of landing on 4' (1.2 m) of ice the planes will be landing on over 200' (67m) of ice, which is over 2,000' (670m) of water on the Ross Sea.

Cool clouds over Mt Erebus.

Close-up of cool clouds over Mt Erebus.

A shuttle van heading back to town from IR.

We drive on packed snow and ice roads.

Pushing snow out of the way.

NYANG LC-130's at rest between flights.

Mt Discovery and LC-130's

A 1943 DC-3 rebuilt and in use by Ken Borek Air. 
Called a Basler, named for the company that rebuilt it.

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