Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Science Stuff

The reason we are down here in Antarctica is to do science stuff. Since I am not a scientist, my job is to support the scientists. We call the scientists (or NSF Grantee's) BEEKERS.  That must be a common term for scientists, lab rats and the like.  While in town they work in the Crary lab, a huge science building full of labs and offices, but they are often out in the field doing research.  Before going out into the cold, windy, harsh continent, they must go through lots of training. First, an overnight survival course called "Happy Camper" (which can be anything but) and then specific Field Support Training Program (FSToP) , to learn how to use snowmachines, field stoves and other gear, radios, how to traverse the ice fields safely, etc.  It's fun to talk with the Beekers, they all are very passionate about their research and love to share.

Street sign in front of Crary lab.

Crary Lab; functional, not beautiful.

Inside Crary, a hallway of offices and labs.
Lots of "Big Reds" their parka's lining the halls.
Labs, this is the aquarium.

Gear ready room, collecting stuff for a field camp.

FSTP, snowmachine training.

The HF radio used out in the field. 
VHF radios are used in town.

Communications center. Bob's fixing something.

Generators and solar panels used in the field.

Camp stoves for use in the field.

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