Wednesday, November 14, 2012

McMurdo, Antarctica

Here are some photos from around town.  Maybe this will give you a bit of the feel for this place. It's rugged beauty, it's isolation, desolation, the cold and colorless... but it's my home from October to February.

The Chalet, the NSF offices here in McMurdo.
Mt Discovery across the Ross Sea ice in the background.

Building 4, the SSC, Science Support Center.

One of the three NZ Kiwi wind turbines.

The Gerbil Gym, a tiny place with treadmills and other aerobic equipment.

The old Shuttle vans in storage.
These will get shipped back to California to go to auction.

The Carpenter shop, building pallets for field camp stuff.

Always on the horizon, Mt Erebus at 12,448 ft.
A communications building.

The front doors of Crary Lab.

Building 155, the main building, with the galley, store, craft room,
offices, lounges, laundry, barbershop and transient rooms.
Observation, or Ob Hill, at 297' a nice hike with a great view.
The "Transition" the point on the ice road where the sea ice and land meet.
Mt Discovery, at 8,800' in the left background.

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