Saturday, November 3, 2012

USAF Boeing C-17

I flew from Christchurch, New Zealand to McMurdo, Antarctica in a USAF C-17 cargo jet. It takes just over 5 hours and is nice because there is some room to get up and stretch and walk around, see the cockpit and of course, just the novelty of flying in an Air Force jet. The downside is the total lack of comforts, including web seating on the sides (where I prefer to sit) and just one toilet for all 100 of us! Still, an awesome way to go!

The C-17's used here in Antarctica are based at Joint Base Lewis-McChord near Seattle.  Some details on the Boeing Globemaster III C-17's in use by the USAF since 1993:
Cost: about USD $202 million each
Length: 174',  Width: 170',  Height: 55'
Payload: 170,000 pounds.
Max take-off weight: 585,000 pounds.
Cruises at 240 knots with a range of 2,400 miles.
cargo compartment: 88' L x 18' W x 12' H

Coming in for a landing on the ice runway.

Gentle Giant.


Front end.

Tail, notice it's from Washington.

Unloading cargo.

We're packed in for the 5 hour flight.
Notice the cargo strapped in the back.

The nice pilots and all the cockpit controls.

After 5 hours, disembarking in Antarctica.

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