Saturday, November 24, 2012

More Science, McMurdo

Here's some more photos of the Crary Science lab in McMurdo.  We have about 250 scientist on station this week, with about half out in the field.  The remainder are using labs and offices in Crary getting ready for field work or analyzing results from field work. The lab, one of the newest building on station, is 20 years old. The need for capital improvements and new facilities is massive, and a blue ribbon panel has been chaired to look into this. In spite of the limited facilities and funding, there is a lot of interesting science stuff going on down here.

A whiteboard sign welcomes you to Crary.

Crowded hallways and overflowing offices.

A new under water glider being prepared for launch.
This unit will collect data under the ice for months.

ECW (Extreme Cold Weather) gear bags and stuff.
All the carts seem to be licensed.

A solar tower test, for use in remote sites.

Montana cart.
Staging for field gear.

Bev explaining a science project.

Antarctic toothfish.
A four foot long Antarctic toothfish.

Renamed by seafood marketers as Chilean Sea Bass.
So much easier to sell that way, now sadly, nearly fished out.

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