Wednesday, November 7, 2012


The Ice Runway (IR) is the main link to the outside world and with the South Pole and field camps all over the continent.  The IR is only a few miles from town, so it's very convenient.  When that ice melts we move to Pegasus on the permanent ice shelf much further away.

The USAF C-17 cargo jet flies between Christchurch, NZ and McMurdo with supplies and people. 

The NYANG LC-130's (New York Air National Guard) fly between McMurdo and the field camps, research sites and the South Pole station.  Part of my job is to get people and supplies to and from McMurdo town and the runway or skiway.  Sort of like Super Shuttles back home.  Right now we are on the sea ice runway close to town, but soon (when that ice melts over the summer) the airfield will move to the permanent ice runway called Pegasus, 15 miles away.  A much longer trip.

IR Tower

IR Town, a staging area for supplies on their way to the field.

NYANG LC-130, Skier #01

Skier #01 with the Society Range in the background.

Running up the engines before takeoff. 

Skier #01 on the way to South Pole.

The C-17 just landed.

The C-17 unloading passengers.

Loading freight from the C-17 on a Delta.

Unloading the C-17.

The Basler's, old DC-3's from the 1940's totally rebuilt.
Delta Gale, waiting for passengers.

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