Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Egyptian Desert

The other amazing highlight for me was spending two days exploring the desert and spending a night under the stars by the fire in the White desert in western Egypt.  An awesome sunset, clear blue skies, beautiful rock formations, black volcanic rock and fine grained sand made for vivid contrasts and incredible vistas.

Our Toyota on a huge sand dune.  The driver thrilled us with
stomach falling drops down the steep sides of these dunes.

A hill we climbed, felt like 500 meters tall but it wasn't.

View of the Black desert from the top, volcanic rock and sand.

Black rock, Black desert.

Arch in the White Desert.

Massive sand dune between rock formations.

Sunset in the White Desert.

My footprint.

Setting sun.

Camp after the sun went down.

Rock formation, the tree and the chicken.

Matt & Veronica, with Mr Suzuki in the back.

Our driver, Veronica and Mr Suzuki.

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