Friday, June 8, 2012

Turkey's Turquoise Coast

The city of Antalya is the gateway to the Turkish Riviera on the western Mediterranean. Home to one of the best museums in Turkey. The Antalya Museum looks unimpressive from the outside, but is amazing on the inside!  The Kaleici, or Old Town, the Roman era harbor, and big, broad beaches and water are beautiful. Lizzy & I stayed in a small pansiyon (lodging) in Kaleici, very close to everything.  The city is surrounded by the Bey Daglari mountains.  The road that Lizzy and I took from Antalya to Kas followed the beautiful coast and we stopped often for tea, fresh juice, ocean views and to tromp around old ruins.

Lizzy in front of our lodging in Kaleici, or Old Town.

The beach in Antalya.

The bay at Antalya, remind anyone of Hong Kong?

Our favorite spot for some good Efes beer overlooking the harbor.

The quaint old harbor (built by the Romans) in Antalya.

Harbor view with our favorite bar in right foreground.

Local fishing boats.

The Bey Daglari mountains surrounding Antalya.

Cliffs, condo's and mountains.

Lizzy in Phaselis, Roman ruins along the coast.

The Theater at Phaselis.
Amazing stonework.

Chimaera, "Burning Rock" near Cirali. 
Flames that sprout from crevices in the rock.
Amazing to see at night under the stars.

Beach at Cirali, a nice alternative to the backpackers paradise at Olympos. 
Though Olympos was very cool, we stopped there for some tea.

I loved this beach and the mountian views.

Anotther stop along the road for a water break.

The road followed the coastline for miles, just beautiful.

Our sporty 5-speed manual transmission rental car.

Along the drive into Cirali.

Signpost advertising all the lodging available.

Proudly flying the Turkish flag.

"Stop" enough of the photos already!
It makes me want to go back to Turkey.

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