Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hot Air Balloon over Cappadocia

The Central Turkey area known as Cappadocia is beautiful and geologically unique.  Taking a sunrise  balloon ride over the valleys and rock formations really gives you an incredible view of this landscape. I went with Kapadokya Balloons and had a wonderful pilot and guide named Graham.  I stayed in Goreme at the Travel Inn cave.  The rooms were dug into a cliff. Don't miss the Goreme Open Air Museum. Amazing.

Filling the balloon with hot air... 

A few other tourists had the same idea.

Our sister balloon.

Typical of the rock formations in the valley.

Flintstones like landscape.

Rock formations.

I love this place.

This one reminds me of a rabbit head.

Huge mountians with snow in Turkey! 
Made me homesick for Alaska.

Looking into the balloon.

Deflation after landing.

Graham serving drinks after we landed.

The ground crew putting the balloon away.

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