Saturday, June 16, 2012

SIWA, a desert oasis

An abundance of fresh water springs support this amazing desert oasis.  A relaxed, small town surrounded by vegetable farms, olive, fruit and date palm trees.  Cafes, springs to swim in, the best fresh fruit juice and meeting fellow travelers made this one of the best places I stayed.  We slept at the El Kelany hotel, ate at the Abdu resturant across the street and rented bicyles to ride out to the natural springs and ancient ruins.  An awesome spot and great visit.  Met beautiful Danielle from Boston, married to Waleed 2 years ago and just had a baby. She runs the Tanta Waa Juice Bar & cafe at Cleopatra's Bath springs, a very popular spot for a swim. She makes awesome fresh fruit juices, has an amazing story and beautiful eyes and was a pleasant surprise out here in this wonderful desert oasis.

Cleopatra's Springs

The awesome Tanta Waa Juice bar.

Mountian of the Dead.

Ancient Christian cross carved in the rock.

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